Jeff Levine

In 2003, selling air time for a company which was syndicating live traffic reports from their small aircraft for a network of radio stations, Jeff developed and sold his first, of what was to become many, successful customized marketing solutions.

That same company, also used their airplanes to fly aerial advertising banners. Jeff initiated a relationship with the client, Kraft Canada who wanted to break the world record for flying the largest aerial advertising banner. Bringing all the parts together which included having the banner made in New Zealand, to having kids sign pieces of the banner as it toured Canada prior to the flight, to the actual event where the entire Toronto City Centre Island Airport was shut down for the flight, Jeff became hooked on the notion of being able to offer clients something completely different, designed for their specific needs.

Now, almost a decade later, after working for some of the largest radio broadcasters in the country and helping them launch national customized solution divisions, Jeff has developed countless successful and award-winning marketing campaigns.

Jeff’s sales skills made him the top new business development sales representative for two of Canada’s largest broadcasters for 6 years straight.

Armed with all the inside secrets which media suppliers don't want you to know, Jeff and his Blank Page Marketing team are able to achieve incredible executions and drive sales for their clients.

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Jeff Levine